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The Solutions We Provide

We develop innovative, sustainable solutions to answer our client's most complicated challenges.

Not everyone qualifies for our experience and that's what separates us from the rest... If we can't save you a significant amount of money or you have to put a penny out of pocket we just consider the home not qualified. If we can't save you money from day one, it wouldn't make sense for either of us. If the home doesn't qualify, we shoot you a text message informing you and move on to the next potential client.  However, if the home does qualify there is a multitude of steps we take before we can even discuss solar panels to explain..

What We Do



During the Prequalifying, this is where we ask a series of questions about your home's efficiency levels and average energy bill. We are able to obtain the most accurate efficiency levels with a PDF or photo of your energy bill. This step also is used to see if the home qualifies to save enough on your monthly energy bill. To explain, your home must be so greatly inefficient that it makes mathematical sense for us to complete a total home efficiency upgrade.  If your home qualifies for our efficiency program we will email/text you to schedule a consultation. If it doesn't make sense for you or us we will send you an email/text informing you of this. 


Energy Audit & Detailed Consultation

This Consultation with our qualified professional either in person or via Zoom allows us to perform an Energy Audit, this audit looks over the energy impact on your home as well as all the inefficiencies like non-LED light bulbs, low insulation levels, etc. Our engineers "run the numbers" from pre-qualifying as well as the energy audit which allows us to determine what upgrades will be possible in your home and what your energy bill offset will be. This consultation also allows us to inform you about possible tax incentives you may qualify for through the government. This is all preliminary because we must then complete a site evaluation. 


Site Evaluation

We then ensure that the site is suitable for an efficiency renovation.  Proper site selection is the foundation of any successful building project. This makes sure your roof is in shape as well as making sure your entire home is capable of handling these upgraded systems. Getting that wrong during the pre-construction phase and the entire project could be compromised, leading to delays, safety issues, additional expenses, and lots of headaches. So we remove those potential headaches before they happen by incorporating Site Evaluations



The Permitting process is where we submit our proposed permits to your electrical company as well as the city. These applications allow us to set up an energy plan that works best for you.


Upgrade Installation 

As you know here at Simply Efficient we make it our focus to encompass your entire home with Upgraded efficiency products. Before the solar panels are delivered, we install products like Nest Thermostats, LED lightbulbs, efficient pool pumps, water heaters, and much more. 


Solar Installation & PTO

Finally, we secure solar panels to your rafters rather than your roof, this is all done WITHOUT DRILLING into your roof. With our patented no drilling Solar Installation process we can virtually guarantee no leaks. Once the city and electricity company come back to ensure everything is up to code they give us PTO (Permission To Operate). Then your home is powered on and you are completely energy efficient! Simple as that!

See If Your Home Qualifies To Be A Simply Efficient Home!

We work by 2 policies, if we can't save you a significant amount of money or you have to put a penny out of pocket we just consider the home not qualified. If we can't save you money from day one, it wouldn't make sense for us or you. So if that's the case, we will shoot you a text saying unfortunately the home doesn't qualify right now and we move on. So... what are you waiting for? Book a no-pressure consultation with a qualified energy professional today! 

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